“The job of an architect is that of being both an artist and a technician”


Our work reflects a continuous search for an architectural form that is truly sustainable, moving away from the prevailing rhetoric of our days, be it a relentless techno-fetishism or a specious naturalism, by featuring nothing more and nothing less than what the specifics of each project call for.
This is what we call bare architectural form, a form with no redundancies.

terrazze verdi

terrazze verdi | sicily, italy

Eco House

eco-house | tuscany, italy

c-b a bercahaus

bercahaus | berlin, germany

techno campus berlin

techno campus | berlin, germany

bauhaus musem | dessau, germany


aquabutze | berlin, germany

Ina Headquarters

ina office | milan, italy

photo lover house

house for a photo lover | napa valley, usa

Helsinki Central Library

helsinki central library | helsinki, finland

Harvard Club of Italy

harvard club | milan, italy


courthouse | madrid, spain

Basana art show

besana art show | milan, italy

CGSH Milan office

cgsh office | milan, italy