rome urban center | roma, italy


educational, social
1.000.00 m2
competition entry

Competion entry  for a new urban center in rome, Italy. Each floor features an individual function. URBAN DIARY: an installation designed as a strong sign, not only aesthetic, and the first tool for a quick dialogue, with citizens
GARDEN: The garden turns into the entrance: a multipurpose, modular space settled around a bamboo forest and a system of seating in which to organize meetings, debates, conferences, but also performances and student activities.
GROUND FLOOR : The main entrance is moved to the garden side. the guest is welcomed by a hybrid space capable of playing the role of a “bridge” between urban planning and citizens. The main hall is punctuated by a system of curtains and tracks hanging from the ceiling capable of transforming the space according to different uses.
FIRST FLOOR: This floor is dedicated to spaces for working, researching and monitoring of the civic impact of design.
SECOND FLOOR: The installation of an “immersive” multimedia area is an opportunity to create not only the space for highly suggestive performances, in which the visitor will find himself surrounded by moving images, but the entire surface of projections will become a real “City Observatory”

The proposal  has been developed with our media partner STUDIO AZZURRO