Basana art show square

besana art show | milan, italy


chiara dynys
art show installation
20000 m2
completed, 2008
integrated design

Design of an art show installation inside a XVII century deconsecrated church next to the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan. The project is about designing a forced path for the visitor inside of a sort of labyrinth in which the surrounding appears and disappear in a number of fashions.
Inside of a darken church, ten regularly shaped ‘rooms’ of different dimensions guide visitor closer to the architecture of the church and to artworks, lit by artificial light.
Visitors become part for the show as they are encouraged to find their own way along corridors whose depth are troubled by mirrors, truncated pyramids, wings, images and sounds. The church’s architecture is consequently heightened by an optical effect. Architecture reaffirms itself as not reproducible.

Basana art show
Basana art show
Basana art show
Basana art show
Basana art show
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