Ina headquarters c-b a

ina headquarter | milan, italy


Ina Assitalia, Milano
urban regeneration
4800 m2
completed, 2012
integrated design and job-site supervision

Renovate and expansion of an existing building in run down area of Milan. The project continues the fenestration of the existing building, attempting to merge the old and the new into one coherent work through the use of a brise-soleil made of metal frames supporting wood louvers. The brise-soleil creates a comfortable working environment and presents a street facade that exudes the sort of security an insurance company wants to project.

Graphic signs are grafted on the building’s skin provide information and make the building stand out. On the exterior, the street address—number 6—is clearly announced to cars passing below, creating a sense of surprise. On the interior, the company’s name—INA—is painted boldly to pay homage to the Sironian atmosphere that, through the colours and the shapes painted on the wall, reminds visitors of the deposits of public transportation vehicles not uncommon in similar parts of the city.

Ina headquarters
Ina Headquarter Milan
Ina Headquarters
Ina Headquarters
Ina Headquarters
Ina Headquarters