kasa kalavria| roccella jonica, italy


educational, social
5.000.00 m2

Competion entry for the regeneration of an existing port on the jonic coast of calabria.

Two new buildings are designed to organize in a rational way the use of a unique port housing a pineta (pine forest).

One building is a long, elevated bar named casa delle onde (wave house) because of its changing celeste metal skin. The structure sits parallel to the pineta. It houses the centro studi del mare (sea study center) that serve as a buffer between the pineta and the parking spaces sheltered by newly installed solar panels.

The second building sits at the very center of the port. It is made by a stacked volumes that are perpendicular to each other and are hunged on a system of parallel load bearin walls. The casa functions as both a lighthouse and an entry to the entire region and, for this very reason, is named casa kalavria.