Exhibition and conference: Casa dell’Architettura, Rome

On March 28th  2022, the exhibition Fogli di Architettura by conrad-bercah was inaugurated at Casa dell’Architettura of Rome.

The event opened with a conference by the title of “Roma e l’immaginario” (Rome and the imaginary), including talks by Sandro Bonvissuto, Marco Lodoli, Valerio Paolo Mosco, Franco Purini and Lorenzo Pavolini.

The exhibition will be open and till the end of April. Contact Casa dell’Architettura for visiting times information.

Fogli di Architettura is a series of drawings by conrad-bercah in which the author offers a personal testimony on the mystery of the form of architecture via a chess game against time.

The series consists of 54 drawings made on the pages of Il Foglio Quotidiano. Arranged in 2 different collections of 27 drawings each, they form 2 atlases of timeless aesthetic ideas revealed to the author during two different Roman stays during the time of the pandemic. conrad-bercah believes that they are useful to reorient oneself in an era that has challenged the concept of architectural form as an aesthetic discipline devoted to gratifying the lives of the inhabitants of the planet.

The drawings reflect the ‘stateless’ condition of an author who has worked in various Western capitals: Boston, New York, Rome, Milan and Berlin. They represent a research tool and a set of notes on contemporary lifestyles, stimulated both by architectural projects and study trips, as it happens for example in the series of drawings The Anti-City that is Coming which in 2021 was awarded the ‘City as Culture’ Award established by MAXXI museum and the Milan Triennale.

Copies of the book can be found at the bookshop of Casa dell’ architettura or can be purchased directly from the publisher LetteraVentidue here.

With thanks to Francesco Saverio Aymonino vice-president of the Order of the Architects of Rome and everyone else at Casa dell’ Architettura of Rome for organising the event.

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